Girona Game of Thones

The real reason Game of Thrones has chosen Girona

One of the reasons that Game of Thrones has been such a spectacular success – aside of course from the fabulous story lines and astounding acting – is that it has managed to create a compelling sense of atmosphere and much of that has come down to the choice of the perfect locations to represent […]


Cool Budapest

Visitors, the cool young as well as others, are genuinely impressed by the architecture of Budapest, a city made up of Buda on the north side of the river Danube and Pest on the south. The shining white Parliament building, in Pest, was built during the Austro-Hungarian period when money was no object and was […]

Insiders highlights Nice France

Insiders Highlights: Nice, France

If you’ve ever toured the Côte d’Azur, the chances are you will have at least passed through Nice, or maybe flown into Nice International Airport, on the way to your destination. Yet Nice is worth a lot more than just a fleeting glimpse through a car window. With its Italian feel, old world charm, and […]


Your Options for Paris from Charles De Gaulle

From the most expensive to the cheapest, there are three main ways that you can get from Charles de Gaulle Airport to your hotel. Having the easiest and cheapest all rolled into one isn’t necessarily going to happen, so you need to decide upon your priorities before you decide what suits your travel party best. […]

Menorca Transfers

Could 2016 Be The Year To Visit Menorca For The First Time?

Menorca is a stunning island located in the Mediterranean Sea known for its beautiful beaches and equally as beautiful weather, making it the perfect destination for individuals looking for sea, sun and warm weather. Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple or looking for a relaxing family holiday, Menorca is the place to be. If […]

Mauritius Transfers

Mauritius: Still the Perfect Island Getaway

When it’s chilly and grey at home, your thoughts are bound to turn to getting a bit of warm sunshine in your life. If there’s one place on Earth that can provide that, it’s Mauritius. From its golden, sun-soaked beaches through its incredible natural beauty to its friendly and welcoming people, this jewel set in […]

Disneyland Paris Transfers

Travel Planning For Disneyland Paris Is Easier Than You Think

With two theme parks, a village with cinemas, bars and restaurants and the opportunity to meet favourite Disney characters, Disneyland Paris is a wonderful destination for a family holiday. Getting there with young children can seem a little daunting so the HolidayTaxis team have rounded up a few tips to make your trip easier and […]

Cape Verde Transfers

Cape Verde – Sun, Sand, Sea and…Football?

Some 570 km off the coast of Senegal, lies Africa’s most highly educated nation. Forecast over 15 years ago to be the next Canary Islands, the Cape Verde archipelago of ten islands has never aspired to those touristy heights, and that may not be a bad thing. See how competitive we are you your Cape […]

Iceland Transfers

Tick Iceland Off Your Bucket List With This Handy Travel Guide

Many of us dream of visiting Iceland at some point in our lives. If you are still waiting for the perfect time to take that trip, here are Holiday Taxis recommendations for some of the things that are waiting to be discovered in Iceland to inspire you. See how competitive we are on your Iceland […]

Ibiza Airport Transfers

Ibiza remains a jewel in the Mediterranean

Where in the Mediterranean can you sunbathe on a picture perfect beach in the morning, eat lunch in a 16th century walled town, spend the afternoon hiking in mountainous olive groves and round off the day with dinner in the world’s most expensive, Michelin-starred restaurant? You might be surprised to hear that the answer is […]