5 Things To Do And See In Venice

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Venice is one of Europe’s great cities, and its charm has remained undimmed for centuries. Venice is also one of the unique cities of the world, because of how it’s spread out over a hundred different islands. Even in Italy, a country with an array of historical and beautiful cities, Venice stands out, and here are some of the enjoyable things that the Holiday Taxis team suggest you do and see while you’re there.

Seeing Venice By Gondola Or Water Bus

5 Things To Do And See In Venice

One of the traditional ways of getting around Venice is by gondola. While if you want to pay extra you can be serenaded by a crooner as you enjoy the scenery of this attractive city. Also, another way of enjoying the palazzi of Venice while on the water, is via a waterbus on the Grand Canal. The trip will last around two miles, and will begin from the railway station to San Marco. Water taxis can be utilised too to see the city.

St Mark’s Basilica

5 Things To Do And See In Venice

Built in the 11th Century, though having been decorated on a regular basis ever since, St Mark’s Basilica has been the official cathedral of Venice since 1807. The cathedral is renowned for its gold mosaics, the Horses of Saint Mark replica sculpture, and the Portrait of the Four Tetrarchs sculpture, which was created during late Roman times. In the treasury of the cathedral can be found a wide range of objects from the Byzantine age, including outstanding examples of Byzantium enamel and metalwork.

Piazzo San Marco

5 Things To Do And See In Venice

Piazzo San Marco is the main public square in Venice. Notable features of this area of the city include the Medieval Clock Tower and the church of St Mark. The famous Rialto is also nearby. At the west end of the Piazzo San Marco is the Napoleon Wing, which was constructed under Napoleon’s orders in 1810. While the origins of the Campanile of St Mark’s church date back to the 12th Century, before it was rebuilt in 1912.

The Rialto

5 Things To Do And See In Venice

The Rialto is the commercial heart of Venice, and the Rialto Bridge is one of the best known of all the Venetian landmarks. Though many of the original buildings here failed to survive a fire in the early part of the 16th Century, today it’s still a thriving area, and among its markets is the Erberia greengrocer market, which is open every day.

Ca’ Rezzonico

5 Things To Do And See In Venice

One of the most stunning buildings in Venice, and with a facade of marble, is Ca’ Rezzonico. Nowadays, this baroque building is a public museum that has exhibits that relate to the Venice of the 18th Century. It is a building with a colourful history, and a decade before it became a public museum in 1936, American songwriting legend Cole Porter rented Ca’ Rezzonico. His extravagance stretched to employing dozens of gondoliers as footmen!


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