5 Places to Take the Kids in Malaga

Malaga is a beautiful part of southern Spain, with over 160km of stunning coastline and, inland, no less than fifteen officially protected nature reserves. Not only is this a beautiful part of Spain, it is also a popular destination for holidaymakers who come in search of sun, sea and sand in Malaga’s nearby resorts. Of these holidaymakers, many among them are families. Malaga has pushed to accommodate family holidaymakers, with plenty of attractions and activities in place to keep kids and their parents amused and happy on their holiday in the area. So where should you take the kids in Malaga when you get there?

Where to Take the Kids in Malaga: the beach

Of course, a good sandy beach is a perfect place for kids to play. Most children will be happy to spend whole days building sandcastles and splashing in the waves. Malaga city’s closest and most popular beach is El Candado, which has loads of family activities and things to do for the little ‘uns. For older kids, and kids-at-heart, there are also plenty of water sports to enjoy, such as paddle boarding, wakeboarding and windsurfing. El Candado is about twenty minutes from Malaga airport, so with your holiday transfer sorted you can make the beach your very first stop! However, there are only so many family memories you can gather from a sun lounger. To really make the most of your your time with the kids in Malaga, going further afield than the hotel pool and beach is your best bet for a happy, harmonious day trip.

For parents with younger children, it is sometimes a bit of a chore to find activities that are suitable, especially on holiday. Quite often, family attractions are more geared towards the 5+ age group, which leaves the younger kids missing out. Not so in Malaga, however, where the fab Tivoli World has loads of great rides that are entirely suitable for small children. This amusement park also has rides for older kids, as well as Wild West and Flamenco shows. Another real favourite for children of all ages is the Fuengirola Zoo, which is just half an hour’s drive from Malaga, in the well-known resort of the same name.

Where to Take the Kids in Malaga: Tivoli World

If animals are a winner with your kids then they might also enjoy a trip to the Selwo Marina Benalmadena, the Costa del Sol’s first dolphin marina, which boasts not only dolphins but a whole range of marine life, including penguins and sealions. There is also the Crocodile Park at Torremolinos, perfect for any budding Steve Irwins, where you even have the opportunity to hold a young croc! Crikey! For those who prefer their animals warm-blooded, a trip to El Refugio de Burrito, 40 minutes north of Malaga, is a great idea. This excellent refuge is for previously abandoned and mistreated donkeys and mules, in a beautiful rural setting close to Flamingo Lake.

Where to Take the Kids in Malaga: Selwo Marina Benalmadena

Lastly, no holiday in Malaga would be complete without a trip to the water park! Aqualand Torremolinos is like heaven itself for active youngsters, who will happily spend a whole day on the slides here. For the more adventurous, check out the park’s Kamikaze and Boomerang slides. Aqualand Torremolinos is situated twenty minutes south of Malaga and is open between May and September.

Where to Take the Kids in Malaga: Aqualand Torremolinos

So, there we go! With these great leads, you are guaranteed an action-packed, fun and memorable holiday with the kids in Malaga. And when you intersperse these great activities with some downtime on the beach, you are certain to have a holiday with a good balance between pleasing the kids and relaxing yourselves!

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