8 Killer Halloween Parties Around the World

If you feel like shaking things up next 31st October then take a look at our round up of the best places to be. From spine-tingling sites to monster balls, these events will knock you dead, so if you’re looking for a scream this Halloween, read on …if you dare.

1. Las Vegas

Halloween in Las Vegas

For everything you need for the biggest and craziest Halloween ever, head to Las Vegas. Sure, it doesn’t have the creepy feel of Salem (a town famed for witch hunting) or the moody atmosphere of Ireland (where Halloween is said to have originated), but what it doesn’t have it makes up for in 3D immersive theatre, outlandish costumes and plenty of big-scale scare factor. Show off your moves at a “Thriller” dance off for zombie prom night or escape the clowns at the biggest Halloween party in town at Fright Dome in Circus Circus.

2. Oaxaca City, Mexico

Halloween in Mexico

The Mexican festival of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, may have become a popular excuse to dress up and wear face paint over here, but back home the holiday is a real spectacle to be discovered. To see the festivities at their best, take a trip to Oaxaca where the amazing celebrations (including concerts, exhibitions and lots of decorations) are some of the most impressive to be found in Mexico. Candlelight vigils are held at dusk in the cemeteries, where families come to remember their ancestors, before fancy dress parades wind through the streets.

3. Paris

Halloween in Paris

Wherever you go in Paris, it’s easy to find spooky hidden places and ghoulish tales of death from centuries past. This haunted city has it’s fair share of horror stories, so where better to spend you Halloween? If you arrive in early October, don’t miss the chance to take part in the massive zombie walk! Take a ghost tour, visit the world’s only vampire museum or visit the macabre Musée Fragonard museum, where creepy 18th century ‘study aids’ made of wax and no-longer-living things are on display. Or for a real fright, descend down into bowels of the city where you can discover the catacombs, a tunnel network filled with the bones of six million people…

4. Long Beach, California

Halloween in California

New York City’s Village Halloween Parade is always a major attraction for anyone looking to celebrate things in a big way, but for something a little more unusual we recommend a visit to the opposite coast. The Queen Mary, a cruise liner docked at Long Beach California, puts on an annual month-long Halloween event called The Dark Harbor that is one of the absolute best places to spend the holiday. Featuring six haunted mazes, plenty of rides and a whole cast full of monsters and zombies, it’s guaranteed to be the craziest way to spend Halloween.

5. Romania

Halloween in Romania

Romania, best known as the setting for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, is an obvious destination for an unusual and spooky Halloween! There are plenty of themed parties to choose from if you’re visiting the capital of Bucharest, however if you’re looking for something really different then take a trip to Dracula’s castle itself. Bran Castle, a fortress situated on the border of Transylvania, hosts an annual Halloween party with a costume competition. Or head to the creepy Hoia Baciu Forest, also in Transylvania, for two days of horror movie screenings and costume fun.

6. Salou, Spain

Halloween in Spain

For something a little more family friendly, why not hop across the channel to join in the seasonal fun at Portaventura Park in Salou. From the end of September to mid-November, the park is transformed into a Halloween-themed wonderland with special shows, pumpkin sculpting, brightly coloured costumes and all the usual rides that all the family can enjoy.

7. Prague

Halloween in Prague

The Czech Republic’s beautiful city of Prague is already the perfect setting for Halloween, with its Gothic buildings and atmospheric old town. There are plenty of ghost and vampire tours of the city to get you in the holiday spirit while exploring its hidden streets and secret passageways. Later on, it’s time for the biggest Halloween party in Europe at the Forum Karlín hall. Expect incredible costumes, amazing DJs and partying through until 6 in the morning.

8. Boston

Halloween in Boston

If you can’t let the autumn go by without at least one pumpkin spice latte then Boston is your place to be at this time of year. The city goes all out at Halloween with its amazingly carved pumpkin creations, as well as everything pumpkin flavoured, from pies to ice cream and popcorn. There are also plenty of parties to join in, including this year’s Stranger Things themed event with all-80s decor and lots of waffles on the menu!

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