The New iPhone X – Best Smartphone for Travel Photos?

With the unveiling of the brand new iPhone X last night, it’s time to ask ourselves: is it time to upgrade our smartphones and take our travel photos to the next level?

New Portrait Mode

iPhone X - travel selfie mode

The new iPhone X comes with an enhances Portrait Mode, with lighting features that allow you to add more professional looking lighting effects to your shots. But even more exciting – the latest iPhone now comes with a True Depth frontal camera, so you can now take selfies in Portrait Mode! Time to level up your travel selfies!

Improved Cameras

The iPhone X comes with a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and an improved version of the telephoto lens (first seen in the iPhone 7 Plus) for zooming in on all those faraway shots. Apple also claims videos will be less shaky, low-light photography will be better and (as mentioned before) the True Depth front-facing camera is here to provide you with beautiful bokeh-style effects in the background of your selfies.

A Bigger, Better Screen

iPhone X display

The colourful OLED display, which shows much deeper blacks than LCD, has more than 2 million pixels, meaning a much sharper screen for reading text, great looking videos, and better-looking photos (with easier photo editing). The new, edge-to-edge screen also offers a bigger viewing area without increasing the size of the phone – making it easy to carry around for all those spontaneous travel shots.

All-New Durable Design

iPhone X - durable design and waterproof

Ok so water-resistance is hardly new (introduced with the iPhone 7), but a sturdier design plus a better camera means even better pictures for all your poolside selfies and underwater photos!


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