San Antonio, Ibiza – Highlights

The name Ibiza is iconic and synonymous with memorable, luxurious and fun-filled trips. Most popular with Europeans, the destination is arguably the most famous of the Spanish Balearic Islands, and welcomes hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers every year. The island remains a busy tourist destination from January all the way through to December thanks to its wonderful warm climate all year round. If you are considering Ibiza as your next holiday destination but need advice on exactly where to stay, then allow us to make a case for San Antonio.

Arguably San Antonio’s biggest selling point is its stunning, crystal clear water beaches that stretch across its shores. Visitors can test their limits on the warm Mediterranean Sea by engaging in extreme sports like jet skiing and jet boating, but of course those who enjoy a more relaxed time on the coast can lounge on the beach and relax in the heat of the Spanish sun. Other popular activities in the area include banana boating, biking, scooter and quad bike hire, and go-karting, which offer tourists an opportunity to mix holiday fun with the glorious scenery of the island.

So what else does San Antonio have to offer? It’s a must for anyone interested in the clubbing scene, something Ibiza is famous for. The town contains two of the island’s ‘superclubs’, as well as many other clubs and bars. Nightlife is certainly lively here! But there are also many cafés if you’re looking for somewhere quieter to take refreshments. There are also many more relaxed ways to spend your time if you’re not into clubbing. Don’t miss a stroll around the old town, the street markets, historic churches and the Maritime Museum. You can even get away from the crowds altogether and enjoy walks and trails in the area. If you time your visit right, you might also be lucky enough to catch one of the local festivals, such as the one commemorating Nuestra Señora del Carmen, the patron saint of fishermen (16 July).

When it comes to selecting accommodation in San Antonio, the area boasts a wide variety of options that covers all budgets and preferences. You’ll find luxury five star hotels with private stretches of beach, boutique hotels, and budget accommodation. Those who prefer more private and intimate accommodation can search out villas and apartments for rent. The two best areas for accommodation options are San Antonio Centro, as the name suggest, in the centre, or San Antonio Bahia.

As with most destinations in Spain, food and good eating is an important part of the culture in San Antonio. Tapas bars and restaurants both in the centre and along the coast offer an array of amazing dishes using local pork, lamb and chicken, as well as, of course, plenty of seafood and fish caught the very same day. Ibiza is also very well known for Flaó eivissenc, a delicious tart that is made out of goat’s and sheep’s cheese.


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