Visit Dubrovnik and revisit your favourite Game of Thrones scenes

As well as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and deemed ‘the pearl of the Adriatic‘, Dubrovnik was used to film several locations for the popular TV series Game of Thrones. There are several ‘official’ walking tours and cruises around Dubrovnik where you can experience the locations described below – or enjoy your own self-guided tour. Playing the Game of Thrones theme tune as you wander round is optional!

Bokar Fortress

Used as the location for King’s Landing, this medieval fort is perched on the southwestern section of the old city walls.
Scenes shot here: when Varys tells Tyrion that he’s ‘quite good’ at being the Hand of the King (Season 2).

Bokar Fortress

Lovrijenac Fortress

The ‘Red Keep’ at King’s landing was filmed at this 11th century fortress perched on a 37 metre high rock. It also features in many a battle scene.
Scenes shot here: the Battle of Blackwater and Joffrey’s naming day tournament (Season 2).

Lovrijenac Fortress


Pile is the main entrance to Dubrovnik’s old town with a quaint old drawbridge; Pile Gate makes an excellent vantage point. Blackwater Bay was filmed at the picturesque cove, which also boasts views of both Bokar and Lovrijenac Fortresses. A multitude of Game of Thrones Scenes have been filmed at this location.

Scenes shot here: Shae and Sansa watch the ships and Littlefinger discusses his escape plans with Sansa at the end of the pier (Season 3).

Pile Dubrovnik

The city walls

Spend a couple of hours walking around the old city walls and enjoy numerous commanding views over the old town and harbour.
Scenes shot here: the city walls were attacked by the Baratheons (season 1).

Minčeta Tower

The mysterious House of Undying in Qarth was filmed at Minčeta Tower, one of the decorative gothic forts commanding a corner of the city walls and the highest point in Dubrovnik. The walls of this fort are 6 metres thick!
Scenes shot here: when Daenerys and Ser Jorah try to find the entrance of the House of Undying to retrieve her stolen dragons (season 2).

Ethnographic Museum

This former granary was used to film one of the brothels; it boasts numerous tunnels
Scenes shot here: when Tyrion welcomes Oberyn ‘The Red Viper’ to King’s Landing (Season 4).

St Dominika Street

Numerous winding streets, stone houses and market scenes were filmed here.
Scenes shot here: Cersei’s naked walk of shame (season 5).

Trsteno arboretum

On the outskirts of Dubrovnik, these 15th century gardens provide spectacular views over the Adriatic Ocean and are where the coastal gardens of King’s Landing were filmed.
Scenes shot here: When Sansa reveals secrets about King Joffrey to Lady Olenna (season 3).

Gradac Park

Worth visiting for the splendid views alone, this park was used to film some of the wedding scenes from Margaery and Joffrey’s purple wedding (the ceremony itself was shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland).
Scenes shot here: Margaery and Joffrey’s post-wedding celebrations (season 4).


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