Where’s Hot in October? | Best Autumn Holidays

Have the grey skies, darker nights and cold mornings got you wondering where’s hot in October? Get your autumn dose of Vitamin D in one of these suntraps, where temperatures are guaranteed to be in the mid-20s or higher!


Average temperature in Cyprus in October: 22°C
High temperature in Cyprus in October: 27°C
Where's Hot in October? Cyprus

As much of the Mediterranean begins to cool down, the Greek island of Cyprus is a safe haven for sun seekers. One of the most southerly points in Europe, located below the beach resorts of Turkey, it offers as much as 10 hours of sunshine and guaranteed warm weather. Even in November, holidaymakers are likely to enjoy daily averages of 17°C. Cyprus’ main appeal is its wealth of beaches, but its fascinating history also makes it a top destination for sightseeing.


Average temperature in Bali in October: 27°C
High temperature in Bali in October: 31°C

Where's Hot in October? Bali

Bali’s climate is fairly consistent throughout the year, with an average of 27°C most months and temperatures never dropping below 22°C. However, early October is a good time to visit Bali for various reasons. The first is that it falls after the peak tourist season, which usually runs from July to August, has ended. The second is that it is before the rainy season, from October until March, gets into full swing. October and November are also the best months to go snorkelling and scuba diving in Bali, as the water visibility is clearest.

Abu Dhabi

Average temperature in Abu Dhabi in October: 29°C
High temperature in Abu Dhabi in October: 36°C

Where's Hot in October? Abu Dhabi

Of all the states in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is home to some really stunning beaches, offering pristine white sands and turquoise waters. But like it’s more glamorous neighbour, Dubai, Abu Dhabi has two main seasons: hot and hotter. From May to September, daily averages are in the 30s, with sweltering highs of over 40°C on the hottest days. The best time to visit is from October to April, when more reasonable temperatures can be expected.


Average temperature in Lanzarote in October: 23°C
High temperature in Lanzarote in October: 27°C

Where's Hot in October? Lanzarote

The Canary Islands have long been a British favourite for winter sun. Offering the most reliable chance of good weather in Europe, it’s a hugely popular family destination thanks to its purpose-built resorts and short flight time. Just a 4 hour hop from the UK and you could be enjoying plenty of sunshine and long, warm evenings. The slightly cooler autumn temperatures are ideal for discovering some of Lanzarote’s very adventure-friendly landscapes. Think mountain biking, horse riding treks and hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.


Average temperature in Cancun in October: 27°C
High temperature in Mexico in October: 31°C

Where's Hot in October? Cancun

Nothing could be more warming than the idea of spending the winter by the Caribbean Sea. Cancun’s location on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula gives the city a tropical climate, while its waters are positively bath-temperature. Although October falls at the end of the rainy season, rainfall is considerably lower than in September, and even lower still in November. It’s also ahead of peak season, which begins in December, so there’s fewer people sharing the paradise beaches.


Average temperature in Marrakech in October: 21°C
High temperature in Marrakech in October: 29°C

Where's Hot in October? Marrakech

October is by far one of the best months to visit Marrakech, when the weather is at a much more enjoyable temperature for browsing souks and sightseeing. Still, you can expect plenty of sunshine and highs of almost 30°C – so plenty of chances to make use of the hotel pool. One of the benefits of a winter sun holiday in Morocco is that nights are usually cooler, a pleasant 15°C, making sleep easier than in hotter, more humid climates.


Average temperature in Turkey in October: 25°C
High temperature in Turkey in October: 27°C

Where's Hot in October? TurkeySpanning both Europe and Asia, Turkey is a huge country, with very different climates depending on where you want to go. For autumn sun, however, the Turkish Riviera, or Turquoise Coast as it’s also known, won’t disappoint. Stretching from the city of Bodrum on the western end of the coast to the town of Alanya in the east, it offers a choice of purpose-built beach resorts, culture and idyllic getaways.

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