HolidayTaxis Winter Sports Quiz

The first Winter Olympics, held in 1924, were hosted in which location?

Which country has been banned from competing in the Winter Olympics 2018?

In which country is ice hockey a national sport?

Said to have originated from mythology surrounding Ullr, the ancient god of skiing and hunting, the biathlon was later used as an alternative form of military training in which country?

The 1993 American comedy Cool Runnings is loosely based on which country’s bobsleigh team debut entry into the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada?

Which country has won the most medals in the Winter Olympics to date?

Which of these sports was first played on a lake in Perth, Scotland?

The king of which country has competed in 5 winter Olympic games?

Which of these countries has never competed in the Winter Olympics?

Which country has won the most medals in figure skating?

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