Choosing the Best Tours and Excursions in Palma Nova

Palma Nova provides an ideal location for a family-friendly holiday. Situated on the south-west of the island, the town is close enough to Magaluf for those who want to party, but far enough away for a quiet break if preferred.

On Mallorca, nowhere is ever far away, and Palma Nova is close to the airport, beaches and a number of tourist attractions. A taxi service from Palma Nova Airport can be pre-booked to ensure a smooth, rapid transfer to your hotel, so there’s no need to hire a car.

If you wish to visit one of these exciting attractions they can be reached by public transport, or by going on an organised excursion.


1. The Pirates Show

The Pirates Show, in Magaluf, is just a few minutes drive from Palma Nova. This is the island’s most popular attraction and offers family-friendly, and adults-only performances. The shows are a skillful blend of acrobatic gymnastics, adventurous drama and comedic timing. A meal is included with the ticket, as are a selection of alcoholic and soft drinks.

2. Water Parks

Aqualand and the Wild West Water Park are both just a few minutes south of Magaluf. Both parks offer a combination of slides, pools and other water rides to keep children and adults busy all day.

3. Caves of Drach

A visit to the eighth wonder of the world is a must while you are in Palma Nova. You can join a guided tour into the depths of the cave to marvel at the natural rock formations and underground lake.

4. Soller Train

Step back in time, and ride aboard the Soller train. Running from Palma, through the Sierra de Alfàbia mountain range, to Port de Soller, the route takes in some spectacular scenery.

5. Palma Aquarium

If the weather drives you indoors, or you simply need a break from the sun, visit Palma Aquarium. This popular attraction includes the biggest collection of living coral in Europe, and Europe’s deepest shark tank. With dozens of species of marine life, in state of the art aquaira, Palma Aquarium will have you mesmerized.

6. Rancho Grande

This small family run zoo is home to native species alongside more exotic animals. They also offer horse riding, or you can take a trip in the horse drawn wagon.

7. Catamaran Cruise

Feel the cool breeze on your face, and the swell of the ocean beneath you, on an organised catamaran cruise. Explore the local coastline as you sail wherever the wind takes you.

8. Jeep Excursion

If you’re feeling wild and adventurous, book a jeep excursion in the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains. The day involves around four hours of off-road driving, with an opportunity for everyone to take the wheel should they wish.

To make the most of your visit to Mallorca, take care to get the right balance of rest and relaxation, with adventure and exploration. Back-to-back excursions can cause tiredness and make the trips less enjoyable, so it’s better to intersperse your trips with laid-back days at the beach.

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What to do when staying in Port de Pollenca with Kids

Port de Pollenca is a beautiful bayside resort on the north coastline of Majorca. The location is ideal for families wishing to enjoy a quiet getaway, temperate climate, and sheltered beaches.

For quiet days at the beach, balmy evening walks, and family-friendly water sports, Port de Pollenca is perfect. It is also just an hour away from many attractions, which you can reach with a hire car, taxi service, or through organised excursions.

Port de Pollenca is approximately an hour away Majorca’s Palma airport, so you will need to book a Puerto Pollensa holiday taxi service to travel to your hotel.


Family Stroll

Pine Walk, a two mile coastal pathway is the pride of Port de Pollenca. The path earned its name from the pine trees that provide shade for anyone walking along it. The gentle terrain and shelter from the sun makes this pathway suitable for people of all ages.


The sheltered bay at Port de Pollenca provides the ideal location for family-friendly water sports. You can hire a small yacht to explore the surrounding coastline, or hop aboard a Catamaran and leave the piloting to the experts. Adults and older teens can try their hand at wind surfing.


The clear, calm waters and abundant local marine life, make the beaches at Puerto Pollensa perfect for snorkelling. With suitable supervision, and practice children as young as five can join enjoy snorkelling with the rest of the family.

Water Parks

For a lively water park you will need to head out of Port de Pollenca. The popular Hidropark is around 20 minutes away in Alcudia. If you make the hour long trip to Palma de Mallorca, you will find three water parks to choose from: Katmandu Water Park, Western World, and Aqualand Arenal.

Natural Wonder

If you get bored of the beach, travel one hour eastwards to the Caves of Drach. Tours are hosted by guides who will tell you about the history of the caves, while leading you safely to the underground lake, then back to the surface. Wear suitable footwear, and leave your camera at the hotel, as for conservation reasons, photography is not permitted.

Marine Life

Palma Aquarium is less than an hour away from Port de Pollenca and provides a great family day out, and a welcome escape from the sunshine. The aquarium is home to the deepest shark tank in Europe and the largest European collection of live coral.

Evening Entertainment

The Pirates Show in Magaluf offers dinner and entertainment in one. Acrobatics, gymnastics, comedy and adventure are blended together to create this dramatic show, which is Mallorca’s number one tourist attraction.

Family Zoo

Rancho Grande is a family-friendly attraction with a range of features. Stroll around the zoo, before hopping aboard the horse drawn wagon, or mounting a horse, and riding off into the sunset. The zoo includes a mix of native and exotic animals, and children are welcome to pet many of them.

It is possible to use Mallorca’s network of trains and buses to make your way to these attractions, or for more independence, consider hiring a car from a reputable vehicle leasing agency.

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Eating Out in Sharm El Sheikh: 7 Local Food Dishes to Try

A holiday in Egypt offers the opportunity to visit ancient monuments, learn more about the country’s rich history, and sample some traditional cuisine.

One of the most lively places to stay in Sharm El Sheikh is Naam Bay. The area boasts a large number of high quality hotels and spas spread across the shoreline. For a hassle-free journey, book with a reliable Naam Bay airport transfer service before you leave for your holiday.

Once you’ve arrived in Sharm El Sheikh, head for one of the many popular seafront restaurants and look out for these ten local dishes to try.


1. Fatta

Fatta is a highly calorific meal saved for special occasions and for both Christian and Muslim festivals. The dish comprises of layers of stewed meat, rice, fried bread and deep-fried poached eggs. If you’re planning on tackling this rich dish, keep your indigestion tablets close to hand.

2. Kushari

Considered to be the national dish of Egypt, this vegetarian lunchtime favourite was actually created by the British Army in the 19th century. Pasta and tomato sauce are mixed with lentils, rice, caramelized onions and chickpeas, to create this filling meal.

3. Mulukhiya

Mulukhiya is a green soup made from chopped fresh jute and corchorus leaves, which are native to east and north Africa. The leaves are flavoured with garlic and coriander, then cooked in a meat stock. The stock used differs across Egypt, with beef and rabbit stock used inland, and fish or shrimp bases more common in coastal locations such as Sharm El Sheik.

4. Dukkah

You are most likely to come across dukkah as part of a meal or as an accompaniment to traditional Egyptian flatbread, or sticks of raw vegetables. It is made when a mixture of nuts sesame, coriander, mint and cumin are pounded together.

5. Shawarma

Shawarma is a dish of meat shavings that look similar to a doner kebab. Thick slices of meat are stacked on a spit, which is then slowly cooked while being rotated. Chicken, lamb, turkey, beef and veal are all commonly used, and spits can include a mixture of meats. Shawarma meat is delicious when served in a pita, with slices of shredded vegetables, topped with lemon juice and garlic mayonnaise.

6. Halawa

Halawa can be eaten as a snack, part of a meal, or even as a treat. It is a common food across the Mediterranean and Middle East as it can tolerate high temperatures without going bad. Halawa is sesame seed paste infused with nuts like pistachios, pine nuts, and almonds.

7. Konafa

This popular Egyptian sweet dates back to medieval times. Batter is drizzled over a hot plate to form long thin pastry noodles. Once cooked into a rigid state, the noodles are mixed with butter, then wrapped around a layer of cream and nuts. This creates three levels to the sweet, with noodles on the top and bottom, and the nutty whipped cream sandwiched in between.

Egyptians are generous when it comes to food, so expect large portions and unexpected extras, such as complimentary side servings of flat bread and dips.

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What Sort of Holiday Is Right For You?

What Sort Of Holiday Is Right For You? | Airport Transfers

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Top Ski Destinations 2014: Infographic Top Ski Destinations 2014

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Five of the Best Towns in Malaga for Day Trips

A trip to Malaga isn’t all about beaches and bars. The area has a rich history dating back thousands of years, and a stunning landscape, ready for you to explore. Malaga has been inhabited for almost 3,000 years, and in that time various civilisations have called it home. This is reflected in its varied architecture, with Roman ruins sitting alongside Moorish citadels.

If you can drag yourself away from the beach, here are the top five towns you should take time to explore.

1. Nerja

Head to Nerja to visit one of Spain’s most famous tourist attractions, the Caves of Nerja. The network of caverns is almost 5 kilometers long, and has been made accessible to the public. Occasionally concerts are held in one of the caverns, as its shape forms a natural amphitheatre.

Whilst in Nerja you can also enjoy one of the many small, cove beaches sheltered beneath the cliffs, or take a walk along the 19th century aqueduct.

2. Benalmadena

Benalmadena provides an excellent, central location when visiting the Costa del Sol. Benalmadena airport taxis are available from Malaga International Airport and can make the transfer in around 20 minutes. The town itself is on the coast, nestled between Torremolinos and Fuengirola, and offers a wealth of history and culture. Get an overview of the local landscape by taking a cable car ride, and enjoy the Arabian architecture at Bil Bil castle.

3. Mijas

If you’re feeling athletic, climb the mountainside to reach Mijas Pueblo, a traditional white-washed village. From here you can enjoy expansive views over the Costa del Sol, the Atlas Mountains, Gibraltar, and even over to the African coastline. Mijas Pueblo also has a traditional bull ring. The small village has a number of restaurants and cafes so you can rest up before heading back down the hill.

4. Estepona

Sports enthusiasts can find much to entertain them in Estepona. The lively marina offers a number of watersports activities, including waterskiing, and boat tours of the coastline, and the area is home to several golf clubs. You can even go on a buggy safari across the rugged natural landscape.

5. Fuengirola

More famous for its shops, night-life and beaches, Fuengirola also offers a cultural experience. The History Museum features collections from the Carthaginians, Visigoths, and Moors, giving an insight into the various groups that have made this historic town their home in past millennia. The Sohail Castle was restored in the 1980s, and hosts concert and festivals. Excavated stone ruins date back to around 300 BC and are on public display.

For a perfect holiday to the Costa del Sol, that keeps everyone in the family happy, plan a careful balance of rest and activities. There are plenty of sports to try and history to explore, but be sure to intersperse your adventures with poolside breaks or days at the beach to get the most from your holiday. By making your trips in the late afternoon you can the midday heat, and enjoy a more comfortable exploration of the local area.

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Delicious Cypriot Cuisine You Simply Have to Try!

Besides the stunning landscapes and beautiful weather, Cyprus also offers delicious traditional food. Cypriot cooking borrows from Greek, French, Catalan, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Meals are based around fresh vegetables and grilled meats, flavoured with mint, oregano, coriander, and parsley.

For an authentic taste of Cyprus, head to a popular, lively restaurant and order one of these delicious meals.


1. Meze

A meze platter provides a comprehensive introduction to Cypriot cuisine in bite-size portions. A meze platter consists of around 30 small portions of local foods. Typically meze includes, calamari, kebabs, grilled haloumi, hummus, tabouleh, meatballs, vine leaves and more. Make this one of the first dishes you try during your visit, then you will be able to base future menu choices on the elements of the meze platter you enjoyed the most.

2. Sheftalia

Sheftalia are a type of short, fat sausage made from lamb or pork shoulder meat. The meat is ground and mixed with finely chopped onion, parsley and salt, wrapped in a casing, and grilled. During the cooking process the natural casing melts away, leaving the meat in the sausage shape. These are delicious when served on warm pita bread, topped with a squeeze of lemon juice.

3. Koupepia

Koupepia are stuffed vine leaves, and are also known as ‘dolmades’ by Turkish Cypriots. The vine leaves are typically stuffed with a mixture of ground meat, rice, herbs and spices. Vine leaves without a meat filling are known as ‘orfana’. The leaves are soaked in brine before being stuffed with the mixture. Koupepia is usually served as a starter, as part of a meze platter, or as a side dish to the main meal.

4. Octopus Stifado

Due to the robust texture of octopus, it is best enjoyed when cooked slowly, over a low heat, for a long time, in a ‘stifado or stew. The octopus is stewed in a rich sauce of red wine, onions and tomatoes, which reduces down until it is thick and flavoursome.

If you’re a seafood fan, Larnaca Bay is a fantastic place to stay during your visit to Cyprus. Save time by pre-booking a Larnaca shuttle from Larnaca International Airport to Larnaca Bay, where you can find numerous hotels benefiting from expansive sea views. The local restaurants offer a huge selection of dishes based on the locally sourced, freshly caught seafood. Grilled red mullet, gilt-head bream, and sea bass are all local specialities.

5. Kolokotes

Finish off your meal with this delicious sweet treat. Kolokotes is a Cypriot version of American pumpkin pie. Red pumpkin, raisins and cracked white are stuffed inside a pastry casing and topped with sugar.

To accompany your meal, choose from one of the many local wines and beers, then round-off your night out with a glass of Cyprus Brandy, or Zivania.

Although it can be tempting to dive head long into the local cuisine, if you aren’t accustomed to rich foods, you would do better to eat little and often, rather than starting with a big feast.

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Guide to the Most Popular Lanzarote Festivals and Fiestas

Guide to the Most Popular Lanzarote Festivals and Fiestas

Lanzarote is a sunny, vibrant holiday destination anytime of year, but for a taste of the local party-life, co-incide your trip with one of these lively festivals and fiestas.


Most of the biggest parties happen in Arrecife, the island’s capital and commercial centre. Arrecife is a great place to stay during your holiday, as it boasts a wealth of bars and restaurants, has a sheltered sandy beach, and is home to much of the island’s rich history. Using a taxi service from Lanzarote airport, the transfer time to Arrecife is around 5-10 minutes.

Dia De Los Reyes: January 5th or 6th

In Spanish culture, children don’t receive their gifts on Christmas Day. Instead, as the Three Wise Men came bearing gifts on the Twelfth Night, or Epiphany, this is the day of gift-giving. Each of the major towns on the island will hold an event, with Three Kings riding on camels, dispensing sweets to children. The island’s capital, Arrecife, has the largest procession which starts at 6pm on the 5th of January.

Carnival: Last Week of February

The population of the Canary Islands takes Carnival seriously. There’s no particular date, as celebrations last for a whole week, and are usually at the end of February. For the liveliest parties, head to Arrecife or Puerto del Carman. The main event is a grand procession, wild enough to challenge even Rio de Janeiro’s festivities, featuring brightly decorated floats, costumes, loud music, and energetic dancing.

Dia De Canaris: May 30th

The Canary Islands gained autonomy from Spain on May 30th 1983. This is celebrated every year, across all seven islands. The festivities are based on Canarian culture, with traditional costumes, foods, folk music, dancing and even Canarian wrestling. The white, blue and yellow Canarian flag is flown, and supermarkets offer free local food and wine tasting. Hotels help holidaymakers celebrate with locals, by hosting parties with local cuisine and traditional dancing.

Corpus Christi: Mid-June

The date of this event changes every year, but always falls in the middle of June. On the Saturday afternoon following Corpus Christi, locals use coloured salt to produce patterns on the roads surrounding the Church of San Ginés. After church service held on the Sunday, a procession leaves the Church of San Ginés, traveling over the carpet of salt on the roads throughout the area.

Nuestra Señora del Carmen – July 16th

During this celebration of Saint Carmen, there is an impressive maritime procession. An effigy of the saint is paraded through the town, down to the sea. It is carried on a boat, surrounded by a flotilla of fishing vessels, as the local fishermen pray for a bountiful year to come.

Fiesta de San Gines – 15th-25th August

San Gines is the patron Saint of Arrecife. The festivities last more than a week and include traditional sports, dancing and food. The highlight of the festival is a fireworks display on the evening of the 25th, visible from the main beach promenade, beside the Arrecife Gran Hotel.

Most of the festivals and fiestas are religious in nature, and revolve around the family and celebrating local tradition. Holidaymakers are welcomed, and indeed encouraged, to join in with the festivities, making these dates an ideal time to visit the island.

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Top 3 ‘Must See’ Golf Courses in Tenerife

The picturesque volcanic island of Tenerife lies in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of West Africa. It is the largest of the Canary Islands, and boasts a variety of beautiful landscapes from breathtaking beaches to dramatic mountainscapes.

Thanks to an average year-round temperature of 23 degrees, and limited rainfall, Tenerife offers the ideal climate for golf fans. The island currently boasts nine top quality golf courses to choose from.

Planning Your Golf Trip

Once you have a date in mind for your trip, call a specialist golf booking service to discuss availability at your preferred courses. Dealing with an agency is much easier than speaking directly with the individual clubs, and will often save you money too. The agency can make all the booking arrangements for the duration of your trip, often with discounted fees.

When you arrive in Tenerife, the golf booking service can also loan out sets of golf clubs, which you may find is more cost effective than paying your airline’s excess baggage charges.

Abama Luxury Golf Resort

For the absolute height of luxury, visit the Abama Golf and Spa resort. This five star hotel, based in a Moorish-style terracotta citadel, is operated by the Ritz-Carlton group. Both the hotel and golf course offer expansive views across the Atlantic Ocean. The golf course was designed by Dave Thomas, and offers a demanding round of golf, across a varied course, in a beautiful setting.

Strategically positioned water features and palm trees add character and challenge to the course, as do the substantial changes in elevation. Abama offers GPS buggies for hire for anyone needing help negotiating the varied terrain. Fees are approximately double the cost found at other courses on the island, but are a fair reflection of the quality of the golf experience offered at this resort.

Golf Costa Adeje


This golf course is ideally situated for anyone staying in Playa de las Americas, as it is just a few minutes away. The resort itself is vibrant, with a lively night-life, good selection of restaurants, and beautiful beaches. The Playa de las Americas airport transfer time is less than 20 minutes, so you can be off the plane, and onto the golf course within an hour.

There is an 18-hole and 9-hole course at Golf Costa Adeje, both designed by Pepe Gancedo. Both courses afford spectacular views across the Atlantic towards the neighbouring island of La Gomera, and over the Adeje mountains. The courses themselves feature cacti, ravines and lakes, adding variety to the landscape and a degree of difficulty to each hole.

Buenavista Golf

This coastal golf course is situated in North West Tenerife, a 90 minute drive from Playa de las Americas, but is well worth the effort required to reach it. The course, designed by Seve Ballesteros, features 18 challenging holes, spread around a large central lake. The 10th and 13th greens are right next to the ocean, while the 15th and 17th are played along a cliff edge, making this course truly exhilarating to play.

Tenerife offers a golfing experience unlike anything you could find in the UK, with beautiful weather, stunning landscapes, and wealth of courses from which to choose.

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Ola Holidays Passenger Newsflash

Just to let you know that in light of the sad insolvency of Ola Holidays, we are working with Ola Holidays regarding bookings for future travel, as well as for those currently in resort.

If you have any queries, please contact the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) using the details listed below:

CAA House

45-59 Kingsway

Main Switchboard: 020 7379 7311

Aviation House

Gatwick Airport South
West Sussex

Main Switchboard: 01293 567171
(This telephone number can be used for all out of hours emergencies)

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